Some of the Reasons I Am Moving

I am not happy with where I live at all. It is not too bad a place really, if you only consider the actual apartment. It is not in the best area of town though, and I get tired of hearing sirens all the time. I knew when my neighbor was mugged just a block away that I had to find a new place to live. I started looking that same day, which is how I found myself looking at the different apartment features on The first thing I did was check out the neighborhood, because I did not want to find myself in a similar situation.

It did not take me long before I realized that it is actually in one of the best parts of the city. Continue reading

The Best Apartment Complex We Have Ever Seen

Can you imagine an apartment that has an attached garage? How about one that has private entries? No hallways to navigate. Maybe a full size washer and dryer? Does that even sound believable for an apartment? I never thought we would have anything close to this unless we bought or built a house. However, the Altis Highland Park apartments have all this and so much more. We got a smoke-free apartment. No more trying to rid the place of the smell of a prior tenant’s smoke. I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke, and I certainly do not want it in my house.

We have a small dog, and it was always tough to find a place. So many leases were passed up by us because they simply do not allow any pets. The Altis Highland Park apartments are pet friendly. Continue reading

My Hair Looks So Much Better

I used to think that I was stuck with my thinning hair. I used to be a bit embarrassed when I would get dolled up because there was just not much I could do with my hair. I could not afford to go to one of those places where they do expensive treatments to get hair to regrow, but it turned out that I did not need to spend a lot of money to fix my problem anyway. I commented not long ago to a casual friend about her hair, and she told me it was a curly weave hair extension that gave her so much volume.

I was really floored by this because I had no idea that she was wearing a weave. The reason this was so amazing is because I have seen a few women wearing weaves, and it was just really obvious. Everything about them was off, which turned me off of trying them for myself. Continue reading

I Got Transferred to Oregon

mq_deviceBasketBallI just got up to Portland the other day. My boss gave me a pretty stark choice, I could either accept a transfer up here or I could start to look for a new job. It was not all that awful, because it came with a promotion and a raise in pay. In fact I did not have a lot holding me down there. My girlfriend and I were about to break up and I was in the process of moving out of her place. So I drove North and started checking out Frontier internet in Oregon and moving into this little house that I found on the web. This house is tiny, but there is just the one of me. Continue reading

Satellite Internet is Just As Good As Cable Internet

I have only had cable Internet before, but that was not going to be an option where I was moving to in Houston. I basically had two choices, and I was not familiar with either one. I did an online search for dial up and satellite Internet in Houston so I could learn about both of them to see which one would be the better option for me. As soon as I started reading about the dial up option, I knew that I would not be happy with it. The only way to really make it work would be to have a second phone line, and I just can’t see justifying that expense when there are other options available.customer

I looked at satellite Internet next, and I was really impressed with everything that I read about it. I thought that it was going to cost a lot more because it is sometimes the only option for a lot of people, but their prices are extremely reasonable. Continue reading

My Dog Has a Big Problem

I am not sure how big of a deal this is, but I have been looking around on the web to figure out the answer to the problem. It is not a very delicate matter, but I am going to talk about it because it is pretty worrisome and I am hoping that it goes away very soon. What do you give a dog that has diarrhea? I have been trying to figure out what I should do or if in fact I should not do anything. It has been going on for a couple of days, but Tiny is still a puppy and based on what I have read that makes them really susceptible to this sort of problem. Their systems are not yet fully developed and because of that any small change in diet can lead to this sort of thing.

In fact Tiny does not look much like a puppy, he is quite large. His father was a Tibetan Mastiff and his mother was also a very large dog. Continue reading

Most Portable Vaporizers on Market

I really want to get on the whole vaporizer bandwagon when it comes to smoking my herbs, as I think it is better for your health in the long run. I am not going to give up smoking herb anytime soon, as it really helps me to manage pain. I think more people should be willing to accept that it has medical benefits, as opposed to trying to demonize it. The latter is really not very productive for our society. I am checking out right now, because it is a site tha that has a lot of different vaporizers on it.

I want to figure out which one would be best for my particular needs. Continue reading